Invent the Future

by Truth Universal

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“You cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness. This madness has to come from the courage to turn your back on old formulas; it has to come from the courage to invent the future. We must dare to INVENT THE FUTURE.” -- Thomas Sankara

Borrowed from the great Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) liberator--Thomas Sankara, "Invent the Future" is a revolutionary phrase which speaks to having the audacity to challenge the status quo to make way for innovation. The listener is invited to creatively explore such themes as domestic violence, food security and justice, youth violence, and industry marginalization.

As Truth's foremost intention is to affect social change, he is also mindful of the importance of being a timeless and exceptional eMCee. The record showcases a new side to Truth's music and lyricism and the all-star production team includes P.U.D.G.E., Kev Brown, AF THE NAYSAYER, Shawde Banx, Khrysis!!! (Justus League, Little Brother, Buckshot, Talib Kweli, Sean Price), DJ Waht, and Mr. Dain. We kept the guest appearances to a minimum in order to better showcase Truth's message, but the album does feature stellar cameo appearances by Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples, Sybil Shanell, Lyrikill, Evelyn Champagne, and Nate Suave Cameron.



released October 8, 2013

Black Massive Intro
Produced by Shawde Banx for Muzik Dude (ASCAP)

Invent the Future ++
Written by E. Montgomery, T. Ujasiri and N. Cameron
Produced by P.U.D.G.E. for 2 22 PM Music (ASCAP)

Written by T. Ujasiri and S. Schneider (Sybil Schneider BMI)
Produced by DJ Waht for egruks Music

For the Love ++
Witten by T. Ujasiri
Produced by P.U.D.G.E. for 2 22 PM Music (ASCAP)
Cuts by P.U.D.G.E.

Get It
Written by T. Ujasiri
Produced by Mr. Dain for Soalyk Music (ASCAP)

Ax24 (One and Done) +
Written by T. Ujasiri

Praise the Lord
Written by T. Tujasiri and A. Jones, Jr. (Alvin Chuck Jones, Jr.), W. Kimble
Produced by Khrysis for GIMMIE MY DAMN Publishing (ASCAP)
Cuts by DJ Waht

People Get Ready
Written by T. Ujasiri and R. Taylor (Rakaa Taylor BMI)
Produced by Kev Brown for Dingy Brown Music (ASCAP)

Path of Least Resistance ++
Written by T. Ujasiri
Produced by P.U.D.G.E. for 2 22 PM Music (ASCAP)

Letter to the Youth
Written by T. Ujasiri
Produced by Shawde Banx for Muzik Dude (ASCAP)

Mics, Checks + Balances ++
Written by T. Ujasiri and E. Montgomery
Produced by P.U.D.G.E. for 2 22 PM Music (ASCAP)

Food Fight +
Written by T. Ujasiri

Mixed + Mastered by Prospek @ Inner Recess Studio
Except for:
++, Mixed + Mastered by P.U.D.G.E.
+, Mixed by Scooter Jackson + Prospek, Mastered by Prospek


all rights reserved


Track Name: Invent the Future feat. Evelyn Champagne x Suave
(From) Now till now on crowds of people will come
forever we'll show you, that you're seeking us [TO INVENT THE FUTURE!]

I'mma (strive to make) it perfectly clear
if you feelin it, let me see your hands in the air

could ignore the Black Holocaust like I didn't care
but i respect my roots like Black Thought and Ahmir

i'm fixture, i'm ain't going eh anywhere
not fallin' off, I show improvement every year

you intend make me cease, you got trouble to bear
feelin' like Sinead O'Connor because nothing compares

if you, look on a map my location appears
due South Louisiana, send my packages there

world-wide, getting love from everywhere
i've had incidents they hop on stage and flat in the rear

but, i prefer the curvature like she Pamela Grier
and Coffy is the color with the natural hair

criminal minded, like '87 lettin' it blare
you might get blinded if you stare directly into the glare

it's the SUN, wack mother*****rs' ending is near
if you prone to melanoma I'm the one you should fear

if you're, offended by the wording I DO NOT CARE!
standing, by my convictions as long as there's air

flowing through my nasal passages I stand on my square
90 degrees, an emcee with the warrior flare

affecting social change to my heart that purpose is dear
invent the future, the main intent of my career

the rhyme is so nice
(that) the people will come
The beats are so nice…

Track Name: Motivated feat. Sybil Shanell + DJ Waht
Verse I

I’m on target like the Howard Johnson roof topper
No big secret, that I don’t oblige the swine coppers

In my company you’ll never find a dime dropper
Nobody liable to speed dial crimestoppers

Crime alarming and snitchin’ never dropped the rate
Really protected me, well then I might cooperate

Capital motivated, all the duties they perform
That’s never gonna change without some radical reform

DJ Waht synthesized it, I memorized it
And walked the continent before the devil terrorized it

No auction price sufficed, (they) obviously underbid
Dealing with the (simple) fact, I came before Columbus did

(When) Van Sertima and others contributed to mental wealth
Had a subtle departure from my former self

Now I paint the picture like an African Picasso
That liberates a mind like Sankara did Burkina Faso

…underground + underexposed + underrated
Maybe indifferent, you could love it, you could hate it
Never outdated, can’t be exterminated
obstacles and struggles, (they) just keep me motivated

I’ve been up, I’ve been down
I finally found some solid ground
Lookin’ back I’m so glad I made it
Obstacles and struggles only kept me MOTIVATED!

Verse II

Omo Shango…MC means Molotov Concoctor
Chopped these drums of EPMD’s Jane saga

Respectable when spittin’ over juggles holding (on to) microphones
(Cuz) I got offspring with double X chromosomes

This Joseph Technicolor Raincoat, you monochrome
Still choppin’ dusty samples to a clicking metronome

I own the culture so and so misappropriates
When I spit I keep it doper than an opiate

Right now if you’re walking out then you don’t relate
Hail up Oludumare, but still (with) no religious faith

In my backyard they stingy with the compensate
Rodney Dangerfield syndrome, I’m taken outta state

And usually out of context, and though he conscious
And beaucoup marginalized, the man well accomplished!

Avoiding rumors, breathtaking as a body blow
And strive to liberate like Nkrumah Osageyfo


This coon ish, with me it don’t digest so well
Tyler Perry, housewives of ATL, I hate to dwell

Evident that bafoonin’ make pockets swell
Shoulda never gave you saggin money, quoting dave Chappelle

I’m motivated by my elders banished to a cell
For emphasis, added the voice of sybill shanell

I’m not alone, although a fixture in the scene
I dedicate this to all emcees in New Orleans

That brother Spitta, Lyrikill, Eles from the GPC
Merc, Jay Elect, Dee-1, also Nesby P

Y’all ‘cross the river, my Uptown Brown Clowns
Mid City, East, Gentilly and my Downtown rounds

Hope you not seated when this come out the DJ crate
Get up like Top mob, elle one, Harsh and EVACuate

Try to ignore it, but I know that you hearing me now
Striving to liberate like Cabral in Guinea Bissau

Track Name: For the Love
For the Love

**For the luh luh luh luh luh luh luh LOVE**

Verse I

I’ll take out your best MC for my grand finale
And put New Orleans on the map like I’m Rand McNally

The intent to affect change, that’s what I’m rhyming with
People say keep doing it, but never put a dime in it

I’m tryna manage this green like I was Danny Ainge
With rhymes I gave you 2 cents, I’m tryna make change

Penny for my thoughts? Fine, but before
you give me that be sure to add 999 more

And buy the album! It’s kinda hard touring when
You accumulating debt like Brother Randall Robinson

I need a guarantee, not really making a fuss
Just want it up front like whites on a segregated bus

And thus, it’s for the love, but now I got children
And Love’ll make a fool of you like Denise Williams

Pro-choice lyrics, poor quality aborted
To make sure good music gets listener supported

Went from, city to city and state to state
It all started out with us just digging in the crates

Didn’t know full time B-boy was the fate
It’s for the people, but compensation would be great (It’s for the LOOOOVE)

(Luh luh luh luh luh…)
Love of rhymes, love of the beat
Love of the scratching, Love of the streets

Love of new creation with original flavor
And Love of reaping fruits of you cultural labor (It’s for the LOOOOVE)

Verse II

If you in it for the cash, then end that shit fast
It’s hard to make g’s like 3 year olds in penmanship class

With your wax and disc, prepare for the bumps and bruises
DJ cliques act bxtch with their picks and chooses

And they the ones who ain’t deserving my tunes
They get no service like poor people in emergency rooms

Hear my rhymes, they be like, “Damn dawg you outta chill”
I speak my mind, diss the Vatican like Lauryn Hill

It’s sorta ill sometimes who descends on the floor
Ain’t necessarily the people you intended it for

Depending on tours, internationally exported
For who support it, one reason that it gets recorded

Reason 2, recoup and hopefully stack some dough
And last but not least, challenging the status quo

With your best plantation rapper run a dead heat
But independent like a Mama when the Daddy deadbeat


Verse III

Let me tell you, I been in love with this
Before the label politics, distributors + publicists

(It’s) kinda frustrating cuz, the things I do for the love
Should be like Tiger Woods’ wife, an make you run from the club

To, organically provide what the listener wants
With gimmicks, falsehood, or publicity stunts

For you to listen I implore, and refuse to be ignored
Truth Universal, you know what I do it for
Track Name: Get It
Verse I

Mental enslavement and pavements have blood stains
Single mama pain smack dab in flood plains

Hood supermarkets don’t even carry no whole grains
Evading diabetes as well as the blown brains

Where some don’t mind dying for wards they proclaim
Surroundings in which I was raised and maintained

But on the open market, these stocks get low gains
if you ain’t smoking strains or rockin that cocaine

but me I rock mics, cross borders and make change
on, passenger trains, cars, buses and jet planes

20 cities just to boost the recognition of name
Not an Irene Cara type that be lookin’ for fame

To be the most popular was never the aim
To empower and make wack cats step up they game

You got a problem tell me bout it, ain’t no bxxch in my veins
Forever for the people won’t be switchin’ no lanes

Failure came knocking, I never let it in
Heard the beats droppin’, was ready to begin
Losing? Forget it, we set it for the win


Verse II

(If) these young cats want direction, I give 'em my spiel
Lay it out in black and white like Heidi + Seal

Somebody try to discover you, it’s best that you yield
Discovered people got smallpox in blankets concealed

Decimated after teaching (colonists) preparation of meals
Exported 9000 miles to pick cotton in fields

I once waited on this one cat to gimmie a deal
Masquerading pro-Black bxxch nxxga (that) wasn't for real

When we'd speak, my release date he'd never reveal
Felt like two Technics, he was spinning my wheels

Said between commercial and conscious he would level the field
Tried to switch my steez up, we didn’t congeal

Stifled my momentum, fate almost got sealed
I was out like the Clampets in that automobile

If it go commercial, wouldn’t from switching my feel
Like Rocksteady Flashdancing w/ Jennifer Beal


Verse III

I live along the Mississippi, as once did Choctaw
Most times rhyming, I hold the microphone southpaw

Big Daddy Kane, Juice Crew, it's undoubtedly raw
MC Shan, Shante, authentic, down by the law

Man, I'm cold...and still stay fresh when I thaw
I kept grinding, because success I foresaw

Professional presentation leave spectators in awe
We left the static in on purpose, no it wasn't a flaw

Storm hit and for life we had to tooth and to claw
People suffered, and who prospered? halliburton and shaw

I worked for almost everything that about me you saw
Dueling with the industry, take 10 paces and draw

Petty criticism, that's the back breaking straw
These blog saggin bout to kcuf around, get bust in they jaw

Promoters think we rock free, aw family naw
Hit your financial institutions and proceed to withdraw

Track Name: AX24 (One and Done)
Dual citizen, Immigrant, the status I love it
Trini-dad and Tobago is meh native republic
And I stay rockin’ crowds whether many or few
I rock for cats that be livid, don’t be havin’ clue
Cats who stay fresh, with the fits and the shoes
Cats who spit raps, and use the spliff as they muse
Cats in the games who undoubtedly contributed dues
I also love to rock for women of indigenous hues
for cats who don’t pledge allegiance to red, white and the blue
Who know racism is systemic and it’s limiting you
And school systems do the damage they intended to do
And who control the world’s wealth the percentage is few
With this rhyme I do the work some prentendin’ to do
For them the drawing board is what I’m sending ‘em to
Nonsense, we never hesitant to consume
Whites who peddle Black culture, elephant in the room
Keepin’ on word bond no matter what or the whom
Married to this rap stuff like we jumpin’ the broom
And I just the job I was chosen I to do
But sometimes it drive you crazy like you loosened a screw
Rhymes that make sense are what I exclusively do
Never alienate, it’s all inclusive of you
Track Name: Praise the Lord feat. Lyrikill + Khrysis!!!
84 Hip Hop sickness that could not be cured
Rap fanaticism turned to sharpening my sword

Circa 1990, schooled by AM94
Back when Seafood City was on St. Bernard and Broad

It’s my pleasure and my duty, a love laden chore
And I would change a few things on the path I’ve endured

Made my greatest efforts to not be obscured
Safe to say that I’m a product of the blocks I’ve explored

Paid dues that average cat could not afford
Urge support of independents, both implied and implored

Studied and mastered my craft, now blessed to be on tour
Both domestic and abroad, rock and watch patrons applaud

(Beaucoup) Humidity and Heat(HEAT!), but still we needed more
So I called North Carolina and got Khrysis on the boards

…standin’at the end of the microphone cord
Truth Universal Self Ruler, Glory… Praise the Lord

***DJ Waht***


Man, I’m New Orleans East, Workin’ class, 9th Ward Section 8
Destitute, but still contribute to the collection plates

Help the building the building fund, don’t just spit to be affectionate
Man born Diego, to Louisiana rep meh state

Black business first that’s the difference my complexion makes
I’mma spit ‘til Kingdom come, that’s my best estimate

I just wanna rock, galvanize, have on par sales
And have it sewed up like Denise making Gordon Gartrells

Live by the saying all things in moderation
And prefer the compensation in larger denomination

I’m less purp we smoke and glock that we tote
And more Electoral college vs. popular vote

Not the Barry White baritone, dropping the notes
On the pole dancer platforms ocular growth

Is my main objective, I don’t knock your approach
But, struggle’s my religion, I put stock in my quotes—Truth

***DJ Waht***


Style I start on par, by far best best
You finshin’, I ain’t even start yet,
An artist, I’m only jumpin’ as high as the bar’s set
And running through these lines I’m Tony Dorsett
You a Geo Prizm against a suped Corvette
Better yet a pedestrian against a car yes, Todd Goetz
Get hit in the bull’s eye, do not bullshit I
Throw a sharp dart so it could hit my
Opponent’s proponent of ownership component
Cable, took me from the phone in front to owner shit
We talking TV, 1080p, N8 innate bars bury you under the beat
Gimmie 16 statutory xxxx what I spit through
Rip me, bxtch who? A pit against a Shitzu
Old soul ain’t shit new but the tissue
How I flush flunkies before a diss too!
Track Name: People Get Ready feat. Rakaa Iriscience + Kev Brown
For a cat who rock the mic RIGHT, bold, no anonymous shroud
Relevant but far left of the predominant crowd

Originality was staple, but they lackin’ it now
These labels push trash without even battin’ a brow

Make no mistake when the records spin, I’m black and I’m proud
Late nights in Inner Recess with the monitors loud

Catching contact from somebody cannabis cloud…Hip Hop
***People get Readaaay

I Siesta with one eye on the scope
Wake up focused on connecting blocks like Legos

It ain’t ya showbiz, dark world we the bridge building freedom fighter shine
Others lack the courage, understand they couldn’t find the time

We “International,” “Stateside to Worldwide”
Pull out your “Polygraph(s),” we recognize the world’s lies

They say the truth’s heavy, aim and shoot steady
***People get Readaaay


It maybe full of thorns, but they never will usurp the crown
Been through hell, so I know we heaven bound

From the DMV to the crescent city town
Stokley Ture accompanied by Kevin Brown

Tune in if you’re frustrated, looking for a better sound
The cream rises, but I still my Sevens down

Supreme Ruler status and I’m never steppin’ down
***People get Readaaay


If you ain’t ready, you got to get ready…
People Get Ready
You got to get ready, you got to get ready…
***People get Readaaay

Ahkim and Justice Enlightened me, said God is in you
I got the knowledge of myself and it broadened my view

Learned we bigger than the work we were imported the do
Now I’m bringing you the gospel according to Truth

Former battle cat, indeed I slaughtered a few
Now (I’m) opening and “Top Billing” like the Audio Two

Story moral seize the chances afforded to you…All My…
***People get Readaaay


It’s true, it’s all real right here…so clear
Light years from the dark, but we smile to fight fears

And it all seems strange, when I look and see regression
Like, “The More Things Change,” the more we seem to need the lessons

Intergalactic universal Planet Rock
Stay wide awake and pay attention when the planet talks

They say the truth’s heavy, aim and shoot steady
***People get Readaaay


Unless, it’s in the name of self-defense or freedom’s spread
Never leave a garment crimson red or a body stinkin’ dead

Or plot the the path of lead with the laser infrareds,
For Benjamin and Lincoln heads, on linen minted by the fed

Now, if instead we talkin’ sustenance and homestead,
Well then you modify the color of the thoroughbred

In that case nowhere near complacent, still paper chasin’
***People get Readaaay
Track Name: Letter to the Youth
Verse I

Hey young the world is yours
But keep your work legal, please avoid these laws
Them people want us workin’ free like it’s 16th century
(and) Kids w/ Black skin destined for the penitentiaries

I know you feel like you’re on your own
(and) All your luck is gone

Verse II

We in the streets killin’ ourselves as if we were savages
Murder rate triple what the national average is
We don’t love ourselves, wreckless chasing benjamins
Angola bound or up in University hemorrhaging
it’s just so much to put in a verse
Bottom line is you’re ORIGINAL, you were here first
Black is the maker, owner, cream of the planet earth
No way you should be 16 carried away in a hearse
You like, this old dude don’t even make sense
And parents don’t understand like Jeff and the Fresh Prince
But the funny thing is, we actually do
And 20 years ago, we was exactly like you


Verse III

Sometimes school is boring and teachers be aggravating
Stick with it, 4 years you could be graduating
(At least) 4 years of college could boost your finances
Ain’t nothing guaranteed, but you have better chances
The thing you love most, it’s worth pursuing it
figure out a way for you to get paid doing it
I offer these words to help you stay on the right course
don’t advocate military or the police force
That’s just my advice, still it ain’t no joke
They don’t work in the interest of the poor and the Black folks
I never sold dope, a day in my life
But found ways to help my mama keep on the lights
I thought of creative legal ways that I could get loot
Kept kicks, Polo, Izod and Adidas sweatsuits
Entrepreneur, sales I had a knack for
13, Slingin Mama noodles right out the back door
Making paper, doing homework, watchin’ Looney Tunes
Then, sold subscriptions to the (times) picayune
I love my Mama, kept me offa the corner
Bussed tables, dropped fries till I got my diploma
Then I left home to get professional knowledge
Pell grants and bakin’ bean pies got me through college
On the real, I still owe for them Stafford loans
But now I (computer) program, and see the world rockin microphones


Verse IV

Your dreams and passions you should chase behind
You’ll face struggles, I was faced with mine
I really hope you embrace this rhyme
I love you, if I didn’t wouldn’t waste my time

Track Name: Path of Least Resistance
Verse I

We start the ceremony with the ancestors honored
Poor libation call a name… Khalid Abdul Muhammad

Rhyme producer, Mansa Musa Mali type Islamic
Fixated on liberation, I start with economics

Foreign Native, Domestic Dignitary…
It’s like I keep a Molotov inside an unabridged dictionary

Hollowed out. My map coordinates are in the south
After political education classes, followed out

By undercovers, who target numbers of us
Who strive to civilize all in the family like Sally Struthers

I see the world with these bookings I got
Then it’s back to the home of the crookedest cops

And we train for when we clash with they conniving ass
But keep that off the record like I took defensive driving class

This that Middle Passage sonically personified
Should be obvious my motivation ain’t no dollar signs

Take a picture Brother…’cuz we the revolutionaries…

26.2 marathon distance(long run)
Full reward, never took the path of least resistance
Over a decade and I remain smashing it
Annoyed with the nonsene, still I stay passionate

Verse II

Black ,musical commodity exploited to the last grand
It ain’t traditional w/o a guitar or brass band (they say)

Guerrilla rap, Unconventional anomaly
I’m not included in the y bogus cultural economy

Comedy for pale faces to define my (culture) norms
you some exploitative thieves, in addition misinformed

swarm of locusts, power brokers, gate keepers
corporate job holders, music snobs, , late sleepers

rhymes get spoken over beats that break speakers
classic graff tag strokers donned in some great sneakers

djembe to mpc60, asking who crates deeper
cultural laborer, but low wage reeper

I contemplate, then create, rehearse, rock and get paid
No compensation, then abort the mission (like) Roe Vs. Wade

this that middle passage progression sonically personified
don’t understand? then to touch my culture you ain’t qualified

Take a picture Sister…’cuz we the revolutionaries…

26.2 marathon distance(long run)
Full reward, never took the path of least resistance
Over a decade and I remain smashing it
Annoyed with the bs, still I stay passionate

Verse III

Life give me lemons, I add ginger and make
If this on the radio, then that DJ renegade

Where, rocks get swallowed as a part of the sport
While running from police, thank you Oliver North

I’m from that Reagan era, working people degradation
Privatization, social spending cuts, Deregulation

whether you sittin' takin notes sober and makin' correlations
or gettin' rid of trees like amazon deforestation

you hear the indignation that's an indication
no form of intimidation gon stop this liberation

like the hammer banged on the bullet's center indentation
gunnin’ for the innocent incarcerated vindication

free albert woodfox, free herman Wallace y’all
free sundiata acoli really, free 'em all

praise the lord, and pass the ammunition—make it clap!
Stay busting, disgusting, revolting with the rap

***This that middle passage progression sonically personified
And for loving my people, I don’t apologize!!***
***Take a picture y’all, ‘cuz we the revolutionaries***
Track Name: Mics, Checks and Balances feat. Evelyn Champagne
Verse I
(It’s been a) long time coming, hundred miles still runnin’
Constant grind to make the talent match the acumen and cunning

Neef got me on the bar, bout my fitness and the self defense
Cleary identify forces that we fight against (Cokely)

Who want the oil under water Jesus was walkin’ on
Keep beef with pigs like Israel and Lebanon

They say, “Truth you sounding different on the beats you talkin’ on.”
I’m tryna get my “Like, Water for Chocolate” on!

Success in the end that what my sights set upon
an AK clip gettin' fed into a megaphone

Coming from a place where self-worth minimal
Police run roughshod and Black Skin Criminal

Situation critical, tired of hearing it?,
'til. Everybody get it then, keep tweet sharing it

To make quality synonymous with my name
I Rock mics, cash checks, add balance to the game

Evelyn on the hook:

Oh Oh Oh…Oh Oh Oh Oh…

Verse II
Fin-ally, like Cece Peniston, excelling in the discipline
Gave this music to the world, now thousands are listening

(If you) think you hear the last of this nola-trinidadian
Then I have news for allyuh like the Sunday Mornin' Guardian

Normal Attitude, but not the average dude
Guerrilla outlook…strive to grow my own food

Community, rap and fam, how you managing that
It’s a well-choreographed balancing act

Sincere thanx to my queen for not lettin’ me slack
Giving birth to my daughters and havin my back

Progressive Lifestyle that reflect in the rap
Peace and Knowledge add a Cipher, man I love being Black

If I didn’t do it justice I would stop give it back
Sub-stance the game lack, I add balance w/a track

To make quality synonymous with my name
I Rock mics, cash checks, add balance to the game

Verse III
Cats here blast on pigs, part of the urban lore
That’s real talk, but Black youth gettin’ murdered more

Sayin’ “bout dat” and words you never heard before
African linguistics broke the French like Toussaint L’Ouverture

Chillin’ where debit cards don’t pump past 60
Controlling this raging spirit like my name Bixby

Bill, for the love I admit but still
Think I’mma rap for free c’mon bitch get real!

Anti -Buck dancin’, non-shuck jiving
With these lyrics I’m striving for an uprising

(Why?) Because the efforts of officials ain’t applaudable dude
Living wage, good schools, and fresh affordable food

Outta reach, purged voter rolls, population whitewashed
scrapin’ for low wages so we ain’t livin’ with lights off

To make quality synonymous with my name
I Rock mics, cash checks, add balance to the game
Track Name: Domestic Disturbance
This cat named Greg and Tamika that’s his baby mama
Got a bad relationship like China and the Dalai Lama

Ex-collegiate athlete, (he) always got chose
Bad rotator cup killed his chance at the pros

Ever since high school, his seat in classes stayed unfilled
Now in real life labor low paid and unskilled

He met a woman that didn’t care what his position was
Stayed by his side, her love was unconditional

Dropped out as juniors, youth planted inside
Had 2 more then, Greg felt he couldn’t provide

Once high expectations morphed to low self esteem
Awakened rudely, nothing like his family dreams

Then became candidate for alcoholic’s anon
Tamika worked hard, but Gregory forgot the bond

He saw the manhood threat, not the mom
Daily beat her into submission like they was in the Octagon

He’d ask questions, if her answers seemed equivocal
The confrontation could result in bruises to her physical

Her life was hell, all she wanted was happiness
He’d beat her ass like the saints did Indianapolis

In 2010, like many men ashamed of what he did
But then again he’d hit her right in front of the kids


“Daddy, why you hit on Mama so much
I thought that you’d protect us from anybody’s touch

You beat her like a thief, did she do something wrong
Please stop you hurt her body ‘cuz your muscles are strong”

He sent the child to his room screaming his/her name
As the child left the room, his head hung in shame…

He looked at Tamika, like he was feeling her pain
Tears welled in his eyes and said that he’d change

…he had a new job, he was tryna to do better
His woman wanted to grow, he decided to let her

6 months passed, and the bottle he stayed off
Then parish budget cuts left the broken man laid off

Looked for work, but a steady job it seemed that he couldn’t have it
In about two weeks, back to the old habits

Daily screams from the jaw to fist collisions
Would echo loudly throughout the ghetto subdivision

Sometimes a black eye, other times bones broke up
The routine was regular, and then Tamika spoke up


“Greg I had enough and I can’t take anymore.
You said you would stop, and you said it before…

Whatever ever happened, to the love that we used to have?
I’d rather die, than be your damn punching bag”

(He) asked her if she had a pistol or if Jesus was with her,
‘cuz one of them would have to save her, (and) proceeded to hit her

His main goal was to put her in her in her place
Convinced he could do it with repeated blows to the face

But she had enough this time didn’t back down
…couldn’t hear the screaming children off in the background

This was all because of his anger overdose
He beat Tamika, until she was nearly comatose

Wasn’t dead, to live had very good chance
EMT put her limp in the ambulance

Deemed unfit, his actions nearly murderous
(The) state sent the children with (child) protective services

(her) father close, she rested in the hospital bed
With lacerations from repeated knocks to the head

Mild concussion suffered from blunt force trauma
Tubes in her nose reminded him of his mama

Blocked out, but flashbacks, every now and then
Thought about the maybe twice he saw his daddy in the pen

Never forgot, his father killed a man's daughter
Only got a charge of involuntary manslaughter

Though he was a child, always felt he coulda done some more
He went to speak with the common law son-in-law

Arrived and knocked on the door, Greg peeked through the blinds
He said, “Let me in Son, I need to speak my mind.”

He let him in out of respect for his wisdom
…apprehensive, but he was still prepared for pugilism

Tamika’s Father:

“Tell me seriously where you gon carry her
It’s been 12 years; with no plans to marry her

Disturbance calls, (but) to jail they ain’t gon take you
Obviously ain’t gon stop until somebody makes you”


“Don’t have to be married for her to be my wife
Mind your business, this my house and my life”

Tamika’s father faced Greg with the HK nina
Put a hole in his dome like hurricane Katrina

Justice served, no remorse for what he did
When questioned by the pigs, neighbors saw nobody leave the crib
Track Name: Food Fight

Erase trees for soybeans, release the earth’s carbon
Difficult to understand this economic jargon
Gas prices stay high, Consumers looking for the bargin
Poor people staples outta reach, they pushed to the margin
7 billion on the planet, but 1 billion starvin’
Load your guns to protect your backyard garden
God degree at a premium, food fight startin’
Food’s at premium…food fight starting
Verse I
Grapes of Wrath from a microphone line check
Concern for dust bowls like I was John Steinbeck
Half of your income spent on food if you ain’t elite
Aquifier (aquifer) overirrigate water tables (we) deplete
1 degree Celsius rise, 10 percent less wheat
global warming, temperature is rising like Mobb Deep
middle class marked with acquisition of dead meat
Milk, eggs, and up the food chain, striving to make leaps
Feed Grain to livestock foul…cows…sheep
Demand for the extra corn and soy, making the price Steep
Three way grain contention, a morality duel
Not just to eat and feed livestock, we using it for biofuel
The world food situation obviously troubling
Impact across the world (unequal) as food prices doubling


Verse II

Hard to grow crops, everything ain’t coming up roses
We see land sold or leased right under villagers noses
Drought strikes worldwide, when water don’t reach the roots
Roundup fuzed Monsanto seeds don't reproduce
Monopolize world food production, what they seek to do
So when you need to sow new seeds, it's them that you’re speaking to
On the best dietary choices, hard to just decide
On food grown locally, unmodified no pesticides
Peace to fam, workin' to increase the fresh food presence
To working class neighborhoods (and) decreasing the food deserts...
Not just fast food , making Whole foods obtainable
With Neighborhood farming, a model that's sustainable...
When the levees failed, the city’s larger percentile
Couldn’t get fresh food for 5x10 miles
Never know what could happen when you're livin' in hell
But one thing's for certain, hungry people rebel



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