Who Da Boss​?​-​[​I'm a Boss Freestyle]

by Truth Universal

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released October 19, 2011


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Track Name: Who Da Boss​?​-​[​I'm a Boss Freestyle](clean)
Burnin’ Kush, wearing diamonds, and the flyest clothes, flyest cars
Bitches, trap, crack, Racks stacks , buy the bar…

I thought it start off with some things I don’t always mention
Ish that saggin checkin’ for, now that I have your attention

Repossession, unemployment average people daily fearing
(Nearly) 10% still outta work and corporations profit sharing

Like AIG, and ones they call too big to fail
They the ones who got you here, that ain’t deserve no funds to bail

And the federal reserve got the nerve to be there debating
(On) whether or not the government should be wall street regulating

Ask Alan Greenspan, who shunned legislation
(Who) believed in unfettered free market self regulation

And I don’t believe that ish…that’s just some greedy ish
Financial elite neoliberal, that Milton Friedman ish

Jobless and the homeless call but get and answered with no reply
(the) average citizen dissatisfied, so Wall Street Occupied

450 billion in Afghanistan, (that’s) the U.S. longest war
Obama say the gon withdraw by December 2014

Man, that’s like 3 more years, and what about iraq
798 billion and you paid for that

Tell me who voted for…the last one was a little tougher
Y’all expected change, but I’m watching working people suffer

But let’s reward the rich STILL, and even do they will…
How you cut they tax when they make over quarter mill?

Hard work is how I make my money
Srekcarc make me go broke, I’mma take they money

People in the street like the Arab spring, tellin’ capital knock it off
Power of the people in Tunisia got that poppin’ off

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