Food Fight

from by Truth Universal



Food justice,food scarcity, urban gardening, genetically modified foods, world hunger, drought...just some things that I think we should be talking about more.



Erase trees for soybeans, release the earth’s carbon
Difficult to understand this economic jargon
Gas prices stay high, Consumers looking for the bargin
Poor people staples outta reach, they pushed to the margin
7 billion on the planet, but 1 billion starvin’
Load your guns to protect your backyard garden
God degree at a premium, food fight startin’
Food’s at premium…food fight starting
Verse I
Grapes of Wrath from a microphone line check
Concern for dust bowls like I was John Steinbeck
Half of your income spent on food if you ain’t elite
Aquifier (aquifer) overirrigate water tables (we) deplete
1 degree Celsius rise, 10 percent less wheat
global warming, temperature is rising like Mobb Deep
middle class marked with acquisition of dead meat
Milk, eggs, and up the food chain, striving to make leaps
Feed Grain to livestock foul…cows…sheep
Demand for the extra corn and soy, making the price Steep
Three way grain contention, a morality duel
Not just to eat and feed livestock, we using it for biofuel
The world food situation obviously troubling
Impact across the world (unequal) as food prices doubling


Verse II

Hard to grow crops, everything ain’t coming up roses
We see land sold or leased right under villagers noses
Drought strikes worldwide, when water don’t reach the roots
Roundup fuzed Monsanto seeds don't reproduce
Monopolize world food production, what they seek to do
So when you need to sow new seeds, it's them that you’re speaking to
On the best dietary choices, hard to just decide
On food grown locally, unmodified no pesticides
Peace to fam, workin' to increase the fresh food presence
To working class neighborhoods (and) decreasing the food deserts...
Not just fast food , making Whole foods obtainable
With Neighborhood farming, a model that's sustainable...
When the levees failed, the city’s larger percentile
Couldn’t get fresh food for 5x10 miles
Never know what could happen when you're livin' in hell
But one thing's for certain, hungry people rebel




from Invent the Future, released October 8, 2013


all rights reserved


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