For the Love

from by Truth Universal



We love what we do. We've learned that no matter how talented you are, you may never be as popular as the dude/woman with the gimmick and the cookie cutter aesthetic. We've also learned that there's nothing wrong with being compensated for your cultural labor. Recording, producing physical work, touring, etc., all incur expenses. A lot of times, folks are oblivious to this reality, and feel like the artist, especially the "conscious" artist should be presenting this work to the world with no expectation of compensation. Also, if the artist cannot be sustained, the art he/she is producing must eventually slow to a trickle and/or stop. This begs the question, "What exactly does 'For the Love' mean?" The song strives to provide an answer to that question.



For the Love

**For the luh luh luh luh luh luh luh LOVE**

Verse I

I’ll take out your best MC for my grand finale
And put New Orleans on the map like I’m Rand McNally

The intent to affect change, that’s what I’m rhyming with
People say keep doing it, but never put a dime in it

I’m tryna manage this green like I was Danny Ainge
With rhymes I gave you 2 cents, I’m tryna make change

Penny for my thoughts? Fine, but before
you give me that be sure to add 999 more

And buy the album! It’s kinda hard touring when
You accumulating debt like Brother Randall Robinson

I need a guarantee, not really making a fuss
Just want it up front like whites on a segregated bus

And thus, it’s for the love, but now I got children
And Love’ll make a fool of you like Denise Williams

Pro-choice lyrics, poor quality aborted
To make sure good music gets listener supported

Went from, city to city and state to state
It all started out with us just digging in the crates

Didn’t know full time B-boy was the fate
It’s for the people, but compensation would be great (It’s for the LOOOOVE)

(Luh luh luh luh luh…)
Love of rhymes, love of the beat
Love of the scratching, Love of the streets

Love of new creation with original flavor
And Love of reaping fruits of you cultural labor (It’s for the LOOOOVE)

Verse II

If you in it for the cash, then end that shit fast
It’s hard to make g’s like 3 year olds in penmanship class

With your wax and disc, prepare for the bumps and bruises
DJ cliques act bxtch with their picks and chooses

And they the ones who ain’t deserving my tunes
They get no service like poor people in emergency rooms

Hear my rhymes, they be like, “Damn dawg you outta chill”
I speak my mind, diss the Vatican like Lauryn Hill

It’s sorta ill sometimes who descends on the floor
Ain’t necessarily the people you intended it for

Depending on tours, internationally exported
For who support it, one reason that it gets recorded

Reason 2, recoup and hopefully stack some dough
And last but not least, challenging the status quo

With your best plantation rapper run a dead heat
But independent like a Mama when the Daddy deadbeat


Verse III

Let me tell you, I been in love with this
Before the label politics, distributors + publicists

(It’s) kinda frustrating cuz, the things I do for the love
Should be like Tiger Woods’ wife, an make you run from the club

To, organically provide what the listener wants
With gimmicks, falsehood, or publicity stunts

For you to listen I implore, and refuse to be ignored
Truth Universal, you know what I do it for


from Invent the Future, released October 8, 2013
Witten by T. Ujasiri
Produced by P.U.D.G.E. for 2 22 PM Music (ASCAP)
Cuts by P.U.D.G.E.


all rights reserved


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