Let's make it clear...This is what we come to parties to do!


Verse I

Mental enslavement and pavements have blood stains
Single mama pain smack dab in flood plains

Hood supermarkets don’t even carry no whole grains
Evading diabetes as well as the blown brains

Where some don’t mind dying for wards they proclaim
Surroundings in which I was raised and maintained

But on the open market, these stocks get low gains
if you ain’t smoking strains or rockin that cocaine

but me I rock mics, cross borders and make change
on, passenger trains, cars, buses and jet planes

20 cities just to boost the recognition of name
Not an Irene Cara type that be lookin’ for fame

To be the most popular was never the aim
To empower and make wack cats step up they game

You got a problem tell me bout it, ain’t no bxxch in my veins
Forever for the people won’t be switchin’ no lanes

Failure came knocking, I never let it in
Heard the beats droppin’, was ready to begin
Losing? Forget it, we set it for the win


Verse II

(If) these young cats want direction, I give 'em my spiel
Lay it out in black and white like Heidi + Seal

Somebody try to discover you, it’s best that you yield
Discovered people got smallpox in blankets concealed

Decimated after teaching (colonists) preparation of meals
Exported 9000 miles to pick cotton in fields

I once waited on this one cat to gimmie a deal
Masquerading pro-Black bxxch nxxga (that) wasn't for real

When we'd speak, my release date he'd never reveal
Felt like two Technics, he was spinning my wheels

Said between commercial and conscious he would level the field
Tried to switch my steez up, we didn’t congeal

Stifled my momentum, fate almost got sealed
I was out like the Clampets in that automobile

If it go commercial, wouldn’t from switching my feel
Like Rocksteady Flashdancing w/ Jennifer Beal


Verse III

I live along the Mississippi, as once did Choctaw
Most times rhyming, I hold the microphone southpaw

Big Daddy Kane, Juice Crew, it's undoubtedly raw
MC Shan, Shante, authentic, down by the law

Man, I'm cold...and still stay fresh when I thaw
I kept grinding, because success I foresaw

Professional presentation leave spectators in awe
We left the static in on purpose, no it wasn't a flaw

Storm hit and for life we had to tooth and to claw
People suffered, and who prospered? halliburton and shaw

I worked for almost everything that about me you saw
Dueling with the industry, take 10 paces and draw

Petty criticism, that's the back breaking straw
These blog saggin bout to kcuf around, get bust in they jaw

Promoters think we rock free, aw family naw
Hit your financial institutions and proceed to withdraw



from Invent the Future, released October 8, 2013
Written by T. Ujasiri
Produced by Mr. Dain for Soalyk Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved


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