Mics, Checks and Balances feat. Evelyn Champagne

from by Truth Universal



This is the Jeopardy "Before and After" track. We combine "microphone checks" with "checks and balances" to explore the theme of creating progressive Hip Hop work, being creatively fulfilled and striving to sustained by art, all while the pages of life turn.


Verse I
(It’s been a) long time coming, hundred miles still runnin’
Constant grind to make the talent match the acumen and cunning

Neef got me on the bar, bout my fitness and the self defense
Cleary identify forces that we fight against (Cokely)

Who want the oil under water Jesus was walkin’ on
Keep beef with pigs like Israel and Lebanon

They say, “Truth you sounding different on the beats you talkin’ on.”
I’m tryna get my “Like, Water for Chocolate” on!

Success in the end that what my sights set upon
an AK clip gettin' fed into a megaphone

Coming from a place where self-worth minimal
Police run roughshod and Black Skin Criminal

Situation critical, tired of hearing it?,
'til. Everybody get it then, keep tweet sharing it

To make quality synonymous with my name
I Rock mics, cash checks, add balance to the game

Evelyn on the hook:

Oh Oh Oh…Oh Oh Oh Oh…

Verse II
Fin-ally, like Cece Peniston, excelling in the discipline
Gave this music to the world, now thousands are listening

(If you) think you hear the last of this nola-trinidadian
Then I have news for allyuh like the Sunday Mornin' Guardian

Normal Attitude, but not the average dude
Guerrilla outlook…strive to grow my own food

Community, rap and fam, how you managing that
It’s a well-choreographed balancing act

Sincere thanx to my queen for not lettin’ me slack
Giving birth to my daughters and havin my back

Progressive Lifestyle that reflect in the rap
Peace and Knowledge add a Cipher, man I love being Black

If I didn’t do it justice I would stop give it back
Sub-stance the game lack, I add balance w/a track

To make quality synonymous with my name
I Rock mics, cash checks, add balance to the game

Verse III
Cats here blast on pigs, part of the urban lore
That’s real talk, but Black youth gettin’ murdered more

Sayin’ “bout dat” and words you never heard before
African linguistics broke the French like Toussaint L’Ouverture

Chillin’ where debit cards don’t pump past 60
Controlling this raging spirit like my name Bixby

Bill, for the love I admit but still
Think I’mma rap for free c’mon bitch get real!

Anti -Buck dancin’, non-shuck jiving
With these lyrics I’m striving for an uprising

(Why?) Because the efforts of officials ain’t applaudable dude
Living wage, good schools, and fresh affordable food

Outta reach, purged voter rolls, population whitewashed
scrapin’ for low wages so we ain’t livin’ with lights off

To make quality synonymous with my name
I Rock mics, cash checks, add balance to the game


from Invent the Future, track released October 8, 2013
Written by T. Ujasiri and E. Montgomery
Produced by P.U.D.G.E. for 2 22 PM Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved


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