Motivated feat. Sybil Shanell + DJ Waht

from by Truth Universal



During an interview with Sharon Litwin of, she referred to me as "underexposed." It struck me as an interesting adjective to describe me. I wasn't mad at that, she didn't know about me. Tons of people do know about what I've been doing for the past decade +, and many still don't.

It's been a hard, yet fun and rewarding, 13 year journey. The difficulty is introduced by forces who don't know a damn thing about Hip Hop, or better yet, Black Culture! However, we overcome all obstacles and persevere. As I was taught by my comrade Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3, we conquer what we can and resist what we can't!

DJ Waht "Chopped these drums off EPMD's Jane saga..." I brought the lyrics...Sybil listened to the content and freestyled this hook. If you don't know, Sybil Shanell is an AMAZING individual. It all made sense and came together well. I still don't know what happened to that track with the kick drum cuts tho. (LOL)

I LOVE Hip Hop, and no matter how difficult entities which may have some sort of gate keeping status make it for us, I'm motivated to overcome the BS. We have one goal--longevity!



Verse I

I’m on target like the Howard Johnson roof topper
No big secret, that I don’t oblige the swine coppers

In my company you’ll never find a dime dropper
Nobody liable to speed dial crimestoppers

Crime alarming and snitchin’ never dropped the rate
Really protected me, well then I might cooperate

Capital motivated, all the duties they perform
That’s never gonna change without some radical reform

DJ Waht synthesized it, I memorized it
And walked the continent before the devil terrorized it

No auction price sufficed, (they) obviously underbid
Dealing with the (simple) fact, I came before Columbus did

(When) Van Sertima and others contributed to mental wealth
Had a subtle departure from my former self

Now I paint the picture like an African Picasso
That liberates a mind like Sankara did Burkina Faso

…underground + underexposed + underrated
Maybe indifferent, you could love it, you could hate it
Never outdated, can’t be exterminated
obstacles and struggles, (they) just keep me motivated

I’ve been up, I’ve been down
I finally found some solid ground
Lookin’ back I’m so glad I made it
Obstacles and struggles only kept me MOTIVATED!

Verse II

Omo Shango…MC means Molotov Concoctor
Chopped these drums of EPMD’s Jane saga

Respectable when spittin’ over juggles holding (on to) microphones
(Cuz) I got offspring with double X chromosomes

This Joseph Technicolor Raincoat, you monochrome
Still choppin’ dusty samples to a clicking metronome

I own the culture so and so misappropriates
When I spit I keep it doper than an opiate

Right now if you’re walking out then you don’t relate
Hail up Oludumare, but still (with) no religious faith

In my backyard they stingy with the compensate
Rodney Dangerfield syndrome, I’m taken outta state

And usually out of context, and though he conscious
And beaucoup marginalized, the man well accomplished!

Avoiding rumors, breathtaking as a body blow
And strive to liberate like Nkrumah Osageyfo


This coon ish, with me it don’t digest so well
Tyler Perry, housewives of ATL, I hate to dwell

Evident that bafoonin’ make pockets swell
Shoulda never gave you saggin money, quoting dave Chappelle

I’m motivated by my elders banished to a cell
For emphasis, added the voice of sybill shanell

I’m not alone, although a fixture in the scene
I dedicate this to all emcees in New Orleans

That brother Spitta, Lyrikill, Eles from the GPC
Merc, Jay Elect, Dee-1, also Nesby P

Y’all ‘cross the river, my Uptown Brown Clowns
Mid City, East, Gentilly and my Downtown rounds

Hope you not seated when this come out the DJ crate
Get up like Top mob, elle one, Harsh and EVACuate

Try to ignore it, but I know that you hearing me now
Striving to liberate like Cabral in Guinea Bissau



from Invent the Future, released October 8, 2013
Written by T. Ujasiri and S. Schneider (Sybil Schneider BMI)
Produced by DJ Waht for egruks Music


all rights reserved


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