Path of Least Resistance

from by Truth Universal



Struggle is necessary part of the human existence. When you understand that fact you have a greater appreciation for the rewards you reap, and the goals you attain in life. Throughout my life I haven't had many examples of the path of least resistance being an option in way of significant life events. In terms of being an independent Hip Hop artists, the same holds true. We've gotten some "breaks," but the bureaucracy, politics and just flat out deliberate efforts at sabotage are both amazing and annoying.

This song is dedicated to all opponents of human rights and justice, white people who curate Black arts, and elitist talent and festival buyers.

We've paid dues. Note that. You don't have to like me, or what I do, but you WILL RESPECT me.

We call on the spirit of young Jonathan Jackson at the Marin County Courthouse Rebellion, who was quoted as saying:

"Take a picture of us. We are revolutionaries."



Verse I

We start the ceremony with the ancestors honored
Poor libation call a name… Khalid Abdul Muhammad

Rhyme producer, Mansa Musa Mali type Islamic
Fixated on liberation, I start with economics

Foreign Native, Domestic Dignitary…
It’s like I keep a Molotov inside an unabridged dictionary

Hollowed out. My map coordinates are in the south
After political education classes, followed out

By undercovers, who target numbers of us
Who strive to civilize all in the family like Sally Struthers

I see the world with these bookings I got
Then it’s back to the home of the crookedest cops

And we train for when we clash with they conniving ass
But keep that off the record like I took defensive driving class

This that Middle Passage sonically personified
Should be obvious my motivation ain’t no dollar signs

Take a picture Brother…’cuz we the revolutionaries…

26.2 marathon distance(long run)
Full reward, never took the path of least resistance
Over a decade and I remain smashing it
Annoyed with the nonsene, still I stay passionate

Verse II

Black ,musical commodity exploited to the last grand
It ain’t traditional w/o a guitar or brass band (they say)

Guerrilla rap, Unconventional anomaly
I’m not included in the y bogus cultural economy

Comedy for pale faces to define my (culture) norms
you some exploitative thieves, in addition misinformed

swarm of locusts, power brokers, gate keepers
corporate job holders, music snobs, , late sleepers

rhymes get spoken over beats that break speakers
classic graff tag strokers donned in some great sneakers

djembe to mpc60, asking who crates deeper
cultural laborer, but low wage reeper

I contemplate, then create, rehearse, rock and get paid
No compensation, then abort the mission (like) Roe Vs. Wade

this that middle passage progression sonically personified
don’t understand? then to touch my culture you ain’t qualified

Take a picture Sister…’cuz we the revolutionaries…

26.2 marathon distance(long run)
Full reward, never took the path of least resistance
Over a decade and I remain smashing it
Annoyed with the bs, still I stay passionate

Verse III

Life give me lemons, I add ginger and make
If this on the radio, then that DJ renegade

Where, rocks get swallowed as a part of the sport
While running from police, thank you Oliver North

I’m from that Reagan era, working people degradation
Privatization, social spending cuts, Deregulation

whether you sittin' takin notes sober and makin' correlations
or gettin' rid of trees like amazon deforestation

you hear the indignation that's an indication
no form of intimidation gon stop this liberation

like the hammer banged on the bullet's center indentation
gunnin’ for the innocent incarcerated vindication

free albert woodfox, free herman Wallace y’all
free sundiata acoli really, free 'em all

praise the lord, and pass the ammunition—make it clap!
Stay busting, disgusting, revolting with the rap

***This that middle passage progression sonically personified
And for loving my people, I don’t apologize!!***
***Take a picture y’all, ‘cuz we the revolutionaries***


from Invent the Future, released October 8, 2013
Written by T. Ujasiri
Produced by P.U.D.G.E. for 2 22 PM Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved


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