People Get Ready feat. Rakaa Iriscience + Kev Brown

from by Truth Universal



Since about 1992 I've religiously followed the West Coast Underground. In 1997, living in Bentonville, AR, of all places, and copping 12" records in Fayetteville and Tulsa, OK, I happened on this label ABB. Many are familiar with this label for their release of Little Brother's "The Listening" album. By frequenting Mission Control in Fayetteville, the shop in Tulsa (I forget the name), and bumping Maxmillion mixtapes, I became familiar with some of my West Coast favorites by virtue of their appearances on ABB records: Planet Asia, Defari, Phil Da Agony, Self Scientific, Krondon, Ahmad Jamal, Superstar QuamAllah, and Dilated Peoples.

When I got this beat from Kev Brown and dropped these 8 bar verses on it, the scheme reminded me of "Worst Comes to Worst" by Dilated. I IMMEDIATELY heard Raaka spitting to this.

I reached out, let him hear it, and he was in. I must say, of all the "established" cats I've worked with, this is one of the most exceptional performances. This Bro. became a part of this song. I'm both grateful and honored to share this song with both Rakaa and Kev Brown. If you ain't ready...



For a cat who rock the mic RIGHT, bold, no anonymous shroud
Relevant but far left of the predominant crowd

Originality was staple, but they lackin’ it now
These labels push trash without even battin’ a brow

Make no mistake when the records spin, I’m black and I’m proud
Late nights in Inner Recess with the monitors loud

Catching contact from somebody cannabis cloud…Hip Hop
***People get Readaaay

I Siesta with one eye on the scope
Wake up focused on connecting blocks like Legos

It ain’t ya showbiz, dark world we the bridge building freedom fighter shine
Others lack the courage, understand they couldn’t find the time

We “International,” “Stateside to Worldwide”
Pull out your “Polygraph(s),” we recognize the world’s lies

They say the truth’s heavy, aim and shoot steady
***People get Readaaay


It maybe full of thorns, but they never will usurp the crown
Been through hell, so I know we heaven bound

From the DMV to the crescent city town
Stokley Ture accompanied by Kevin Brown

Tune in if you’re frustrated, looking for a better sound
The cream rises, but I still my Sevens down

Supreme Ruler status and I’m never steppin’ down
***People get Readaaay


If you ain’t ready, you got to get ready…
People Get Ready
You got to get ready, you got to get ready…
***People get Readaaay

Ahkim and Justice Enlightened me, said God is in you
I got the knowledge of myself and it broadened my view

Learned we bigger than the work we were imported the do
Now I’m bringing you the gospel according to Truth

Former battle cat, indeed I slaughtered a few
Now (I’m) opening and “Top Billing” like the Audio Two

Story moral seize the chances afforded to you…All My…
***People get Readaaay


It’s true, it’s all real right here…so clear
Light years from the dark, but we smile to fight fears

And it all seems strange, when I look and see regression
Like, “The More Things Change,” the more we seem to need the lessons

Intergalactic universal Planet Rock
Stay wide awake and pay attention when the planet talks

They say the truth’s heavy, aim and shoot steady
***People get Readaaay


Unless, it’s in the name of self-defense or freedom’s spread
Never leave a garment crimson red or a body stinkin’ dead

Or plot the the path of lead with the laser infrareds,
For Benjamin and Lincoln heads, on linen minted by the fed

Now, if instead we talkin’ sustenance and homestead,
Well then you modify the color of the thoroughbred

In that case nowhere near complacent, still paper chasin’
***People get Readaaay


from Invent the Future, released October 8, 2013
Written by T. Ujasiri and R. Taylor (Rakaa Taylor BMI)
Produced by Kev Brown for Dingy Brown Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved


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