Praise the Lord feat. Lyrikill + Khrysis​!​!​!

from by Truth Universal



For a veeeeery long time I've wanted to work "Khrysis on the Booooards!" My man 3rd Mind told me he had a link to him and other members of the Justus League. I mentioned my wanting to work with the Bro., and he made the connection. Add Lyrikill for a certified banger.

Shout out to Rev. B.W. Smith + James Cleveland==> "Rough Side of the Mountain" + "No Ways Tired"


84 Hip Hop sickness that could not be cured
Rap fanaticism turned to sharpening my sword

Circa 1990, schooled by AM94
Back when Seafood City was on St. Bernard and Broad

It’s my pleasure and my duty, a love laden chore
And I would change a few things on the path I’ve endured

Made my greatest efforts to not be obscured
Safe to say that I’m a product of the blocks I’ve explored

Paid dues that average cat could not afford
Urge support of independents, both implied and implored

Studied and mastered my craft, now blessed to be on tour
Both domestic and abroad, rock and watch patrons applaud

(Beaucoup) Humidity and Heat(HEAT!), but still we needed more
So I called North Carolina and got Khrysis on the boards

…standin’at the end of the microphone cord
Truth Universal Self Ruler, Glory… Praise the Lord

***DJ Waht***


Man, I’m New Orleans East, Workin’ class, 9th Ward Section 8
Destitute, but still contribute to the collection plates

Help the building the building fund, don’t just spit to be affectionate
Man born Diego, to Louisiana rep meh state

Black business first that’s the difference my complexion makes
I’mma spit ‘til Kingdom come, that’s my best estimate

I just wanna rock, galvanize, have on par sales
And have it sewed up like Denise making Gordon Gartrells

Live by the saying all things in moderation
And prefer the compensation in larger denomination

I’m less purp we smoke and glock that we tote
And more Electoral college vs. popular vote

Not the Barry White baritone, dropping the notes
On the pole dancer platforms ocular growth

Is my main objective, I don’t knock your approach
But, struggle’s my religion, I put stock in my quotes—Truth

***DJ Waht***


Style I start on par, by far best best
You finshin’, I ain’t even start yet,
An artist, I’m only jumpin’ as high as the bar’s set
And running through these lines I’m Tony Dorsett
You a Geo Prizm against a suped Corvette
Better yet a pedestrian against a car yes, Todd Goetz
Get hit in the bull’s eye, do not bullshit I
Throw a sharp dart so it could hit my
Opponent’s proponent of ownership component
Cable, took me from the phone in front to owner shit
We talking TV, 1080p, N8 innate bars bury you under the beat
Gimmie 16 statutory xxxx what I spit through
Rip me, bxtch who? A pit against a Shitzu
Old soul ain’t shit new but the tissue
How I flush flunkies before a diss too!


from Invent the Future, released October 8, 2013
Written by T. Tujasiri and A. Jones, Jr. (Alvin Chuck Jones, Jr.), W. Kimble
Produced by Khrysis for GIMMIE MY DAMN Publishing (ASCAP)
Cuts by DJ Waht


all rights reserved


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